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When I was at the Apple Developer Academy, I worked with one of my team members, an iOS Developer who was 59 years old.
I’ve read lines of code and worked with many programmers. When I worked with him, I was surprised that the code he wrote was very clean and neat, even though his last coding experience was many years ago.
He is also very diligent in applying the tech collaboration guideline that I have created. This is very different from some of the young developers I know.

I remember when I…

YANA — Support System App

According to Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) initiated by the Health Ministry of Indonesia in 2018, 28 million people out of 267 million people having mental health disorder. This number includes those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other related disorders, with 11.4 million Indonesians were depressed, and the worst part is 27 percent of Indonesians have experienced suicidal thoughts.

The Challenge

Help people with depression (But how?)

My Role

Product Designer (Also Product Manager)

The Product

YANA is a safe environment app where we can face mental illness together and become a support system for ourself and others. …

Safe environment app for people with depression

In indonesia, Based on data from 2018, 28 million people out of 267 million people having mental health disorder. It means 1 out of 10 Indonesian suffer from mental health problem.

So, what is the main problem?

Stigma, Prejudice & Discrimination.

In Indonesia, mental illness is a taboo to talk about, especially when it comes to suicide. For example, if there’s a depressed person wanting to talk with their parents or friends about their mental health issue, there’s a big chance they will be judged and told to pray more. And the truth is… this only can make it worst.

I’ll tell you about my friend…

What is the problem we need to tackle?

Based on our investigation, the main problem faced by Deaf Community is communication:

“Between the Deaf and Hearing people have difficulties when interacting with each other, including in an emergency situation”.

Imagine when you are in a dangerous situation, but you cannot hear and you can’t even speak. How do you ask for help? Even Indonesia’s emergency call system does not accommodate you as Deaf. Imagine if in that condition you couldn’t even do anything, because you got tonic immobility. What can you do?

With our application, you can inform your surroundings that you are in danger.

My First Solo Challenge in Apple Developer Academy

In Academy, we use learning framework called CBLChallenge Based Learning” to solve real-world challenges. But in this journal I will not explain more about CBL. Instead, I will share you my solution to my friend’s problem on my frist (one week) solo challenge.


During this Engage Phase, we will move from an abstract big idea to a concrete and actionable challenge using the Essential Questioning process. The goal is to personally connect with academic content through the identification, development, and ownership of a compelling challenge.
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How to help my friend through the academy journey?

I was a bit curious about SwiftUI because its declarative syntax is quite similar with React and Vue, but because I was quite busy sharpening my skill on UX Research, I didn’t have enough time to learn and implement it. So in previous challenge in Academy, I learn SwiftUI framework.


SwiftUI is an innovative, exceptionally simple way to build user interfaces across all Apple platforms with the power of Swift. Build user interfaces for any Apple device using just one set of tools and APIs. With a declarative Swift syntax that’s easy to read and natural to write, SwiftUI works…


I am passionate about solving the right problem & implementing an accessible solution, eager to learn every thing to remove every barrier in digital technology

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